Audiggle 3.0

A sofware that is able to recognize audio and identify its artist and title
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Audiggle LTD

Audiggle is a new program that identifies and provides the name and the artist of a certain song.
The software comes in handy, when you hear a song from a movie, TV show or other media but you know neither its name nor its artist. The software is quite easy to use and install. Following a few quick steps during the installation process, you can have it completely downloaded on your computer in a few minutes. In order to use it, you have to create an account and provide some personal information (such as age, location, e-mail). Once installed, Audiggle can recognize the audio that is playing on the computer and give you information about the song title and artist.
It can also provide lyrics both for the song you searched and for any others.
This software works with a wide variety of media: audio tracks, internet radio, streaming online TV, watching a show or movie, online video. Yet this program provides great results if the quality of the audio is high. Auddigle can be downloaded for free. Still, it contains three packages, only the basic one being free. This offers five queries monthly. For more queries and usage you have to buy any other package of the two remaining, packages that you have to pay a monthly tax for.
Audiggle is a simple and helpful program for music lovers and anyone who is trying to identify a song, a background track, an audio.

Paul Cooper
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free basic package


  • It might not work properly with live versions of songs, remixes, or some classic music
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